Building maintenance is something that few people are interested in but almost everyone relies on. When the central heating system in an office breaks it’ll be a building maintenance company that sorts it out or, better still, makes sure it doesn’t break in the first place.

Hemlow is just such a company. A 70-strong firm of engineers and other technical experts, it keeps commercial buildings across London and the South East, including auction house Sotherbys, running smoothly.

Essential work but perhaps not the most exciting of things to brand or sell.

Like most maintenance companies and B2B organisations more generally, Hemlow had a brand that looked and sounded indistinguishable from any other. This was despite the fact that Hemlow was a business full of interesting people who cared about the work they did.



I worked with Hemlow to uncover some of the values and ways of working that make them more than just a faceless commercial services supplier. From this, we created a new, more human way of talking about what they did and how they did it, starting with the very simple brand promise: we make buildings work 


This was carried through to a much clearer, simpler description of the services they offered and the way that they worked.


A new visual identity and website created by Orqa Design and featuring real employees  rather than stock shots of London skylines completed Hemlow’s move to a brand centred on the people that make buildings work.