BUAV – The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection – don’t believe we need to experiment on animals. They campaign peacefully to change legislation and change minds about the use of animals in research.

Few people know about the role airlines play in the use of animals for research. But it’s an important one  – they transport monkeys from their natural habitats (usually SE Asia) to research laboratories all over the world. Most airlines refuse to carry monkeys for research. But quite a few do, including some big commercial airlines like Air France and Air China.

BUAV asked Neo to create a short online film that exposed to the world the ugly side of airlines.

The glamorous Air Hostess is one of the most iconic images of air travel. So we put an Air Hostess in the film. But we also put a horrible little twist in there too. Despite being a copywriter, I like ideas that need the least copy possible. And this one fits that bill.

Creative: Emmie Spencer & Becky Alford at Neo
Direction: Ben Meaker
Production: Nice & Serious