MyMindPal is a happiness app that’s designed to train your brain to get and stay happy in just five minutes a day. It was created by happiness experts Professor Paul Dolan and Khody Damestani and had the backing of lots of investors.

There was proven science behind MyMindPal.What was needed was compelling story to sell it.


Working with my design partner Borderless, we led the team in a workshop to explore the product, marketplace and initial routes for a name before creating a range of name options for the team to choose from.

Once a name had been decided on, I created the brand story for MyMindPal – a set of messages that could be used in-app and on marketing materials to explain how MyMindPal worked and how it could help people get happy.


Finally, working with a Brighton-based animation house, we created a short animation voiced by actor Max Beasley.

“Emmie is not only a pleasure to work with but she pushed the boundaries of our vision and tone of voice to enable us to create a unique brand identify that sets us apart in our market space”

Jason Blyth, Managing Director MyMindPal